Центральный офис
Elizguíbel, 31638, Eugi Navarra (SPAIN)
+34 948 304 031

AUTOFREN SEINSA belongs to the SEINSA CORPORATION group. We are manufacturers of products in braking, suspension, steering and transmission systems for the automotive spare parts sector and for the main rebuilders of brake callipers, having been officially approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers.

We have three factories, two of which are located in Navarra, Spain, and one in Chennai – Tamil Nadu, India, certified according to the standards, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015.

We are recognised as one of the most innovative companies due to its management model of comprehensive innovation, based on developing the creative talent of people.

SEINSA Corporation was founded back in 1972 in response to an employment crisis triggered by the construction of a water reservoir in Eugi. And in eight years we had already become a leader in the domestic market. In the 90s, the crisis struck deep the automotive industry causing shareholders to leave the company, it was then when José Antonio Azcárate believing in the potential, became majority shareholder taking steps to relaunch the company seeking the support of SODENA (governmental agency for the development of business in the region of Navarra). In 1996 we started to export and four years later, we create a new brand “ERT”.

We have been awarded for our total quality and also for the best practices.

Over the years we have expanded internationally, and in 2006 we became the European market leader. Thanks to this growth, we acquired JOYCAR and created SEINSA Navarra in Egües and SEINSA India.

This year 2022 was the 50th anniversary of the foundation of SEINSA Corporation.

Преимущества продукции
и аргументы для продажи

We are leaders in the manufacture of products for brake, suspension, steering and transmission systems for automotive spare parts and we are also the main brake caliper rebuilders.

We are OEM approved.

We also guarantee the quality of our products because, we control the definition of the material of each of our pieces, the design and production of their tooling and the entire manufacturing process right down to the final product.

Each of these phases is verified by the IATF 16949 international standard, which guarantees our quality orientation through ongoing improvement and defect prevention. Not everyone can say the same.


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